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About Us



Our Restaurant is located in the heart of Kuopio close to the main square of this lovely town.  Galata, which is actually the name of the historical neighborhood in Istanbul was established as the first restaurant and steakhouse of Authentic Turkish Cuisine in Kuopio. We want to surprise you with unique selection of dishes and wines from the country where west and east comes together. In most of the days, we are proud to serve you our lunch buffet popular with its great selection of food and lively atmosphere. While in the evenings, we dim the lights and welcome you to experience our À la carte dishes, classic Turkish wines, and delightful environment of Galata Restaurant & Steakhouse.

Restaurant and Steak House Galata
Team's Word

Made with Love

Every working day we find our responsibility to use only the finest simple ingredients and spices to prepare dishes that both taste and feel unique. Being the only Turkish restaurant in Kuopio, we see our mission to bring Turkish dining culture closer to local citizens. We truly believe that Turkish cuisine has a lot more to offer and surprise, that's what drives our team to serve you, your family, colleagues, and friends on the competent level.

Galata Team


Galata offers classic Turkish dishes that differ with light use of spices, rice & bulgur sides, koftes and eggplant, a variety of steaks, stuffed dolmas and fish. This and more can be experienced at Galata in accompaniment with Selected Wines from Turkey.


For your comfort & enjoyment, Galata offers beautiful interior, a lot of free space, a variety of soft seats, and ability to accommodate more than 100 guests at the same time.


From Monday to Saturday, Galata serves buffet lunch for one single price. There you have a chance to delight yourself with a great variety of side and warm dishes, soup, fresh salads, appetisers, warm drinks, and desserts.

Lunch at Galata


We are one of the rare places in Finland with Turkish Wine in selection. Turkey benefits from a vast number of indigenous grape varieties and has an ancient winemaking history. That's why Galata has already selected some of the finest Turkish wine bottles for 2018.

Wine List (18+)


Turkish cuisine strictly relies on quality olive oil, fresh vegetables, tender meat, natural spices, and other important elements. That's why Galata supplies only the finest ingredients to bring up the maximum flavor to our lunch and menu dishes.

Ravintola Galata Savonkatu 17, 70110 Kuopio
Galata Ravintola, 
Savonkatu 17, 70110 Kuopio, Finland